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SkyRise Policy Agreement

Policy Agreement for all classes and productions

Please read carefully

CODE OF CONTACT-SkyRise Theater is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all our students, patrons, volunteers and staff. To ensure safety and comfort for all, we expect all individuals to act in a mature and responsible way that respects the rights and dignity of others. This applies to all staff, students, parents, family members and guests.

Participation Policy- SkyRise Theater reserves the right to dismiss any student from the program who is late or absent to rehearsals more than 3 times or any student who misses the final two rehearsals. No refund or credit will be given.

LATE- Arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving 15 minutes early.

ABSENCE- Missing more than 1 rehearsal in its entirety. Two Lates=one Absence. Absences due to illness, may be excused with a doctors note, at the discretion the SkyRise staff. It is important that a student stays home if they show signs of illness or have had a fever with 24 hours of class/rehearsal.

Commitment and Understanding- We believe here at SkyRise that every role is important to the success of the production, no matter how big or small. We feature everyone in their own unique way. Additional lines, or solo opportunities will be given out throughout the rehearsal process under the discretion of the director. We encourage everyone to stay involved in the production/class, and hope there is support from the family to a child who may feel discouraged about their role. If you would like to discuss the casting of a particular role, you may email in regards to this; all other inquiries over the phone or in person may result in a consultation fee of $50.

Therefore, there are no refunds or credits given for any reason after a show has been cast (post auditions), or a class has begun.

Closed Rehearsals/Classes- At SkyRise we have lots of opportunities for family viewing, and those would be discussed prior to the start of the program. Otherwise all rehearsals and classes are closed for parent observation.

Pick up- All children are expected to be picked up by a parent or authorized guardian no later than the program end time unless otherwise noted. We have included a 5 minute grace period for pick up. If a parent/guardian arrives after 5 minutes of the program end time, families will be charged a designated late fee of $1 a minute.

Zero Bullying- SkyRise Theater has a zero tolerance policy pertaining to any negative physical or verbal actions against others; this includes but not limited to: stealing, bullying and disrespect for staff and property. These actions are disruptive and result in a negative experience for fellow students and staff. SkyRise reserves the right to suspend or terminate a students participation at any time for failure to adhere to the rules and values of our programs. There will be no refunds/credits given to children who are suspended or terminated for behavior issues.

Allergies- We are a nut-free facility. For students that require an epipen, please provide one. Epi-pens will be kept by a SkyRise Staff member unless specifically requested for your child to self administer.

Dress Code and Food- Please wear appropriate clothing that is comfortable to move in, and character shoes if your role calls for it. Bring a healthy dinner, snack, water, pencil, notebook, and homework (if needed) We also have snacks and water available for purchase for $1.

Lost property- Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are labeled with their name in permanent market. All lost property will be in the lost and found at the SkyRise Studio. SkyRise Theater does not accept any responsibility for lost property. After 30 days, all lost items unclaimed will be donated.

Photo Release- I give permission for SkyRise to take pictures of my child/and use them for business or marketing purposes. 

Liability Release- I understand and acknowledge that I am fully aware of and assume the risks (including but not limited to the risk of serious bodily injury, property loss or damage) of (1) said minor child’s participation in recreational activities at the rehearsals, dance rehearsals, vocal rehearsals, performances, set decoration, set construction and (2) his/her use of the set, costumes and theater facilities. I recognize my responsibility to ensure that said minor child participates only in those activities for which he/she has the physical ability and skill sets for. I understand that SkyRise Theater shall have no responsibility to pay for medical treatment and related costs if said minor child is injured.



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