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The production of The Grunch last night was just WONDERFUL!  All the kids did a superb job. Thank you to you, Zach and the SkyRise Team for what you do.  It is just terrific to see all the children performing together.

-Mill Pond School Parent


I continue to be amazed at what you both produce for shows and scripts.  Every parent hopes that they can find something that their child loves to be able to do.  What a bonus to be able to to it with an amazing company like yours.  I'll say it again.... if we ever make it to the big stage or screen award shows we will be saving 2 tickets for you!

- Kim


"A huge thank you to all of you who worked with the Mill Pond School kids to do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This was Mallory's first exposure to theater and she LOVED it! I'm so impressed with what you did in just 6 rehersals! Can't wait to do it again!"

      -  Mill Pond School Parent


"Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of every show last weekend.  Wizard of OZ is one of my favorites.  You and Zach are simply amazing in your abilities to wrangle all those kids of different ages into a wonderfully entertaining and professional performance.  You could just tell from the energy emanating from the stage how much fun they were all having.  So glad we found you!! Spectacular!"

      -  Beth Hall


"You did such a tremendous job putting together this production.  The kids had a great time and the audience were at the edges of their seats entertained.  Well done!"

      -  Bryna Dudak


"Congratulations on the very well attended show on Friday night.  You are running a great program"

      -  Kim Keogh


"I just wanted to thank-you both again for all of your hard work with the Wizard of Oz cast over the past few months. I saw the performance all 3 times and it got better every time!  Grace aka "Toto" enjoyed every moment and has not stopped talking about it! Both of her first grade teachers came and were so impressed! Thanks so much for helping to give Grace the confidence to stand up and play her role in front of all those people! Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication!"

      -  Anne-Marie Farricy


"The Family Stage at the Westborough Arts in Common festival came alive Saturday morning with an enthusiastic and energetic performance of Magic Wings. Under the direction of Zachary and Tania Taylor, owners of SkyRise Children's Theater, local students performed an entertaining mix of adventure, song and dance."

      -  Westborough Cultural Council 


"I am amazed at all you do in such a short timeframe!  Those kids were awesome yesterday. I love the self-confidence my daughter is gaining by working with you and the entire cast!  You put your heart and soul into each production and it shows!"

      -  Lynn DeVarney


Another great week with Skyrise!  Carolyn loved it!!  Can't wait to do it during the year!

      -  Mary McDermott


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that Isabelle is thoroughly enjoying her camp experience with you.  She has been to many different camps in the past and she says this is the best camp yet because Zac and Tania are so nice.  She says that even when they tell you to do something differently they don't make you feel like you were wrong before. Thank you for making her experience so enjoyable."

      -  Lise Molander


"Hey there. Just wanted to let you know you gave a super party!  Sophia and her friends loved it!  Thank you."

      -  Deb 


"You did an amazing job with the kids in such a short time! Henry had a blast - I can't believe he had his own line! As a parent it was a wonderful experience, and we hope to work with you again someday. Thank you!!!! "

      -Judy and Jim Noonan, parents of Henry



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